Hen vs Rooster and The Golden Temple... 

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Graphite Anorak
FOR SALE.  Size XL... Runs BIG
East vs West Mashup,  inspired by Inca & Mayan Glyphs.    The Golden Temple.  Center of all.  Creators to the world.
 - Coriancha
EndlessKnot and SakYant complete the (vs) on  sleeve and chest for added protection and continuation.
Never a start nor end. Life is always a continuation.
  • 100% nylon 330D with Interior PU waterproof coating
  • Nylon Outer Shell: Waterproof Coating = Level 3
  • Inner PU Coating: Breathability/Permeability = 5,000
  • Water Pressure Resistance = 10,000 mm
  • DTM neck taping
  • #5 DTM body coil zipper
  • Matte metal zipper pull
  • Rubber zipper pull tab
  • Zipper garage
  • Single layer body with fine mesh hood liner
  • Matte nickel metal eyelets
  • 3 panel hood
  • Scuba neck
  • Round poly drawstring
  • Hidden snaps inside front pocket flap
  • Side slit pockets
  • Tightening toggle at waistband
  • Elastic cuffs
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